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When a child gains their cape

When a child passes it is often referred to as gaining their wings. Yesterday, our South Jersey community lost a child that gained his Superhero Cape.

I had the opportunity to get to know this young man once a week in the greenhouse at school. Like each other teen in the room, he was uniquely himself. And like all of us, it was his life his rules. Kyle Brown worked on #kyletime. This became the mantra during his hospitalization. As well as his love of Superheroes. Today he wears his Cape in Heaven.

As a mom, and one of a medically complicated child, I can not fathom the journey the Brown Family has endured. How do you leave a hospital without your child? That has to be one of the hardest walks to ever make. And the loss of their son will be a forever loss.

Kyle was born with cardiac issues. He has had heart surgery a few times. Kyle developed a cold and started coughing blood. This was around December 13th. He was taken to Saint Christopher's hospital. The doctors noticed a blood clot in his heart and a tear in his lung. He was placed under a paralytic sedation to not move the clot. He really never regained full consciousness. For close to a month his family and friends agonized over his medical journey. And today he is on his new journey. I am not sure there are evil villains in Heaven but I am sure that God will make provisions for Kyle.

We all carry our crosses and go through incredible highs and lows in life. This will be a deep hurt for our area. I ask for your prayers for his family and all the struggles they will have to faces. Please pray for solace, comfort and strength for the Browns. In the days to come, we will be holding various fundraisers. Not only are there to be medical bills, but also final journey ones. With the power of community, we will do our best to help this family.

This is why I love science :

After my sister, Gen, fought off glioblastoma - brain cancer - over the past two years, the ugly disease returned this past fall. Gen, and our family, was presented with an incredible opportunity to fight back. We came to Durham, North Carolina - home of Duke University Medical Center. Here the phenomenal work of a special team of doctors gave us hope. Yesterday, over the course of 6+ hours, approximately one teaspoon of a genetically modified polio virus was administered directly to the tumor. Gen is the 20th person - IN THE WORLD - to participate in this clinical trial and receive this treatment. With such a novel treatment and procedure, there are certainly risks - paralysis, loss of speech, to name a few. Gen, and our family, decided the potential reward was certainly worth the risk. Though her words were slurred during the procedure, Gen's speech gradually improved over the course of the six hours. After a good night's rest, Gen was speaking as well as she ever had, was discharged and WALKED out of Duke University Medical Center this morning. Over the coming months, continued follow ups will monitor the effectiveness of the treatment, which has proven to be successful in those who took the risk before Gen.

This is why I love all of you:
Your continued support of our family over the past two years has been remarkable. The communal spirit that has enveloped our family is one that can hardly be expressed in words. Your sincere love and positivity is something that can only be felt when it is expressed, and you have all been awe-inspiring in doing so. Never downplay the effectiveness of every "like" and "share", which may continue to spread the word and compel others to say a prayer or project positive vibes throughout the universe. Your work in lifting us up may be intangible, but it's visceral ramifications have consistently pushed us forward and helped us keep fighting - especially, Gen. I'm not sure how this kind of debt is repaid, but I will certainly be all that you have been for me and my family. You are all very special people.

The fight's not over, but we will continue to battle. We still ask for continued prayers and positive vibes - they work! Thank you again, for all of your love and good spirits. I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year! God bless!

Kyle Brown's Family
(written by a family friend, Nancy Hart)
Kyle - June 20, 1997 to January 3, 2015
Genny Farnan Robinson
(written by Gen's brother Paul)

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor, Coastal Broadcasting.

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